07 Jun

The following tutors are available for the summer.  LMC staff members, noted, have access to LMC resources, and equipment but tutoring takes place off-site. All arrangements (financial, location, and frequency of sessions) are between the instructor and client family.

If you are unfamiliar with any of the tutors listed below, please contact the corresponding building administrator:

Mr. John Berlin (MS/HS: 983-2511); jberlin@lmclakers.org
Mrs. Jody Maher (ES: 429-0227); jmaher@lmclakers.org

KUNST, TRACY (Special Education teacher at Countryside Academy)
(269) 921-0336
Age/Grade Preferred: Gr. 1-8
Subjects:  All

Area(s) of Specialty: Students with learning differences including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Impairment, Attention Deficit, as well as General Education students

PUPLIS, SANDI (retired LMC instructor & substitute)
(269) 983-2759 (home)
Age/Grade Level Preferred:  Gr. 1-8
Subject Areas: Math

Area of Specialty:  Math

RUMPF, KAREN (retired LMCES Instructor)
(269) 429-5628 (home)
Age/Grade Preferred: Incoming Gr. K-3
Subject Areas: Reading,/Phonics, Writing, Lower El. Math

Area(s) of Specialty: Reading & Writing