01 Apr

LANSING – The Robotarians came home Saturday with another victory in their grasp.  The team, along with the rest of their alliance, placed first out of 40 at the medieval themed Robotics districts in Lansing.

 According to Lizzie Stolte, one of the Robotarians at districts, the robot, also known as “The Beast,” participated in a game where each alliance crossed over various obstacles to shoot balls into the other alliance’s goal.

Stolte said that “The Beast” was able to “perform a 15 second autonomous period.  During this time, the robot crossed over various obstacles using only a pre-programmed robot code.” She continued to explain that once the autonomous period was finished, the driver took control of the robot, continuing its path across the field to score points into the other alliance’s goal, which looked like a medieval castle tower.  This process with the robot was repeated until the two and a half minute match was completed.

Mr. Thomas Adams leads the middle school Robotics team but periodically assists the high schoolers.  In response to the Robotarians’ most recent win, Mr. Adams stated how proud he was of them.

“They worked very hard.  The robot is designed well.  Their first match had some speed bumps and challenges, [but] they fixed all of their problems, won districts, and are off to the state championships.  Hopefully, they’ll make it to Worlds again like last year.”

On behalf of the Laker Current Staff, congratulations to the Robotarians on their win at Lansing!