Attention Parents, Grandparents, Family & Friends!

It’s time once again for our annual laundry soap/trash bags fundraiser.  Sponsored by the junior class, each laundry soap unit is packaged in a 5 gallon pail which contains 672 oz.  The largest containers sold at the store are usually 150 oz. Even if you bought two containers for a total of 300 oz, you would still fall short of half of the 672 oz offered by our sale.  The 5-gallon pails last between 350-500 loads depending on the load size, and are sold with a dispensing pump.  The laundry soap is comparable to the various scents offered by Tide and Gain.  Additionally, fabric softener, laundry paks, scent boosters, dish soap, and dish paks are offered.

  • laundry detergent 5-gallon pail:  $35.00
  • fabric softener 5-gallon pail: $35.00
  • laundry paks, 225 ct.: $40
  • scent booster paks, 300 ct.: $40
  • dish soap 5-gallon pail: $35
  • dish paks, 225 ct: $35

We’re also offering house/outdoor/leaf trash bags as well at $35 each:

  • 15-18 gallon, 250 ct
  • 33 gallon, 150
  • 55-60 gallon, 100

Click Here for an Order Form.  Orders are due September 29th and we hope to have delivery by October 9th.

Checks may be made payable to Lake Michigan Catholic.  Turn in your order forms and payment to the front office collection bin.Please contact Carolyn Simmons, , if you have questions.

Thank you for supporting Lake Michigan Catholic’s Class of 2019!