We would like to remind those parents, siblings, grandparents and friends who pick up students after school to review the dismissal procedure. Remember, this procedure ensures the safe release of our LMC students after school. We are pleading to all those entrusted to pick up students to adhere to the dismissal procedure. Our children deserve everyone’s help in making this dismissal procedure the safest it can be.

  • All MS/HS students dismissed at 3:00.
  • Pleasant Street, in front of LMC, will be barricaded and not accessible from 2:30-3:30.
  • After school, students exit school through doors in front of the the school business office.
  • All HS student drivers park in the parking lot across from the gym lobby.
  • HS student drivers exit the parking lot via the Church Street driveways.
  • All students who are to be picked up will cross Pleasant Street, go to the cross walk and with the help of a crossing guard, cross Wayne Street. Students will proceed to the waiting area next to the front of the Rose Center building (see attached map). On rainy or snowy days students can wait in the Rose Center.

Parents, siblings or grandparents picking up a student are to ENTER the Rose Center parking lot via the DRIVEWAY CLOSEST to the building. Upon entering the lot, proceed into the closest available parking spot and PULL THROUGH to the orange cone. Wait for your child. When ready, exit the parking lot by GOING FORWARD using the two remaining driveway exits onto Wayne Street. Please DO NOT BACK UP! There will be approximately 20-30 students standing behind you in the waiting area. Backing up puts them at risk and could cause an accident.