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Deja, DiBrito & Petsovich Retirement & Goodbye Mrs. Tan

The extended Laker family gathered on June 5th to thank our 2017 retirees – Frank Deja (2nd Grade), Jeri DiBrito (Guidance Secretary) and Karen Petsovich (1st Grade) and to say goodbye to Stephanie Tan (Elementary Music & Liturgy).  We will miss you all!

1st Grade Chicks Hatch!

Every year, the 1st grade’s “New Life” unit culminates in a chance for students to experience the miracle of life in the classroom.   Chicken eggs are incubated in the classroom while the students anxiously await their chicks’ arrival.  We are happy to report that “THE CHICKS ARE HERE!!!”

Stolte and Gaska Win First Tee Scholarships

Congratulations to LMC Seniors Elizabeth Stolte and Andriejus Gaska, who won scholarships from the First Tee of Benton Harbor!  The First Tee of Benton Harbor is a youth development program which teaches life skills & leadership through golf.  Andriejus and Lizzie received their awards at the annual First Tee of Benton Harbor Scholarship Awards Dinner on May 4th.

Congratulations 2017 BCS Scholars!

On Thursday, May 4th five LMC students attended the BCS (Berrien, Cass, St. Joe) Conference Academic Scholars Luncheon along with students and administrators from the other conference schools. This award is earned based on a formula using GPA and ACT/SAT scores.

(Front R to L) Madelyn Markoch, Elizabeth Stolte, Erika Spafford
(Back R to L) Hannah Starr and Andriejus Gaska


3rd Grade Pulsera Fundraiser a Success!

The 3rd graders pulsera community service fundraiser was a huge success! We want to thank all of the students and parents who were so excited to purchase a bright, colorful pulsera to support pulsera artists and their communities in Nicaragua & Guatemala! The 3rd graders were able to raise a grand total of $2,150 to support fair wages, housing, Medicare, and education thanks to all of your generosity! Muchísimas gracias a todos!

5th Grade Decomposer/Fungus Experiments

As part of a lesson on the role of decomposers in an ecosystem, LMC  fifth graders in Mrs. Goshgarian’s science classroom learned a thing or two about fungus this week. For the last two weeks, fifth graders have been growing oyster mushrooms in their classroom and were ready to harvest! After enjoying a cooking lesson with Chef Goshgarian, students took the plunge and enjoyed tasting different varieties of mushrooms, many for the first time.

Elementary Opera for the Young

On Friday our elementary students enjoyed a performance by The Opera for the Young, a traveling opera troupe which has brought live professional opera to elementary students since 1970. Our very own fourth graders participated in the performance. What a fun Friday!

Daddy Daughter Dance

Our Elementary Laker ladies were dressed in their best and enjoyed a date with their dads at the “Under the Sea” Daddy Daughter Dance. Everyone had a wonderful time dancing and snacking then dancing some more. Thank you to all who donated and volunteered for this favorite L.M.C. event!

Girl Scout Fundraiser for Berrien County Cancer Service

The Laker 5th Grade Girl Scouts put the chill back in our unseasonably warm weather with a Fat Monday Ice Cream Sale.  The $270 in proceeds benefited Berrien County Cancer Services, a local agency that assists cancer patients in need, supplying everything from post-operative and personal care and appearance items to mobility and adaptive devices, as well as skilled home nursing care.  Every donation stays within Berrien County.  Well done, Laker Scouts and students!


The elementary school students learned all about fencing. They learned the 3 different forms of modern fencing, how to keep distance, lung, how to score and judge a bout. They even got to fence against each other with foam swords. Thank you Mrs. Hysell, we had a blast!

The Laker Monster Visits Preschool!

To cap off their Catholic Schools Week spirit days, the Little Laker 4-year-olds welcomed our school mascot, the Laker Monster, to their classrooms for some high-fiving, dancing and singing fun.  Thanks, Laker Monster – you are a big lovable beast, inside and out.

2017 WinterFest

Congratulations to our 2017 WinterFest Queen Gabby Craig, King Nati Schueneman, Princess Anna LaSata, and Prince Michael Johnston, and all our class representatives!

Elementary Talent Show

Lake Michigan Catholic Elementary School’s Laker Drama corps presented a variety show for their 2017 performance.

While the elementary students polished their routines in the weeks prior to the show, LMC’s Middle/High school Drama students helped with rehearsals, tweaked the sound and lighting, and managed the backstage. When the curtain rose, our “Monster of Ceremonies” introduced the dance, vocal and comedy acts that entertained the audience of students, staff and families, and kept the intermissions lively leading group songs and general clowning around. As always, our thanks go to the student performers, and to Drama advisers Marty and Wendy Golob. With their guidance, another show crossed the boards and into the books.

5th Grader Meghan Meier wins DAR Essay Contest!

Laker 5th Grader, Meghan Meier, was named the DAR essay contest winner, and recently received her award from LMCES principal, Mrs. Jody Maher. Her essay will now go on to the state level and she will be honored at a Daughters of the American Revolution luncheon in February. This year’s theme celebrated the centennial of our National Parks system. Fifth grade teacher Mrs. Lindsey Goshgarian described Meghan’s inventive approach to the topic as “starting with the high action of the end, then retelling the story, building the plot and incorporating her research by making the facts appear in the park’s sign posts, and making historical characters known by their name tags. Meghan used her words to paint a picture of each of the story’s events – this is the epitome of the writing technique, ‘show, don’t tell,’ that brings a story to life.”

WNDU’s Cindi Clawson Visits LMC Elementary

WNDU’s meteorologist Cindi Clawson visited LMC Elementary to share David Bar-El’s whimsically entertaining book, Not Your Typical Dragon, that celebrates the often surprising  path to discovering your own special gifts,.  Her audience of K-2 students were spellbound by this retelling of the St. George and the Dragon legend with an absurd twist that leads to a beautiful friendship.

Fr. Tom Teaches 2nd Grade about Venial & Mortal Sin

A gloriously bright and warm November day found Fr. Tom McNally inviting Mr. Deja’s 2nd Graders outdoors for an impromptu parable about venial and mortal sin.  Snapping a small branch on a pine tree, Fr. Tom explained that a holy bond, intentionally broken and willfully unmended, is like a mortal sin:  it separates a person from God.  However, there is always hope.  Fr. Tom grafted the broken branch, demonstrating that, as with venial sins, broken relationships with each other and with God can be repaired, though it takes genuine contrition, intention and action to heal those who have been harmed, and on-going effort to avoid sin in order to attain divine grace. Thank you, Fr. Tom for “teaching in the moment” and helping the students understand the lesson so personally.

HS Interact Club Presents Water Project to 5th Grade

The High School Interact Club presented to Mrs. Goshgarian’s fifth grade science classes this week! Talk about a symbiotic relationship: Mrs. Goshgarian’s science students had recently experimented with making homemade water filters and learned about the value getting clean water to people in need. Couple this theme with the Interact Club’s goal of telling others about the need for clean water worldwide and you’ve got one winning combination! Thank you LMC Interact!!!


All Saints Day

Laker fifth graders, dressed in costume, took their research out of the classroom by presenting their Saint projects to younger students on All Saints’ Day 2016.

5th Grade STEM – Robotics with Mr. Glotzbach

Engineer Pat Glotzbach gives Part 1 of a multi-part series on Robotics to Mrs. Goshgarian’s fifth grade science classes. We are learning how to write code for our very own robot!!!

2016 Homecoming


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Juniors Experience Physics at Great America

2016 Physics Day at Great America

If Math & Science teachers could design the ultimate teaching laboratory, what would it be like? The laboratory would certainly contain devices for illustrating Newton’s laws of motion, energy transformations, momentum conservation, and the dynamics of rotation. It would consist of large-scale apparatus so the phenomena could be easily observed and analyzed. Oh, and of course, the dream laboratory would allow the students an opportunity to not only witness the laws of physics in operation, but also feel them! Well, this dream laboratory does exist at Six Flags Great America!

LMC Physics teach Mr. Tom Adams took an intrepid group of juniors to see and experience Physics at Great America on June 5th to see how what they learn in the classroom applies in real life.  Best Physics lesson ever!!!

Congratulations Class of 2016

Class of 2016

LMCES Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Stephanie Tan – Music Instructor & Liturgist

This year’s teacher of the year has been with us for 4 years. She inspires all of us, from our 4-year-old preschoolers, to our 5th graders, to our staff and teachers, and to me! I’m sure many of you here this morning would say she inspires you, too.

Mrs. Stephanie Tan has created a culture here at Lake Michigan Catholic Elementary School where music is king. She is playful and serious within the same lesson, and manages to teach our children to SING in praise to God. Her knowledge of music and theory are unparalleled, and she passes her love of all types of music on to her students.

I feel that at each Mass and performance our students grow in their love of music. They have become increasingly more confident and it shows in how they lead our singing at Mass on Thursdays as well as how they conduct themselves each week in their music time with Mrs. Tan.

I can’t say enough about how Mass makes me FEEL….it’s an overwhelming sense of grace and peace. I look forward to Mass each week, knowing that our students’ singing will inspire me. As I work throughout the summer in an empty, quiet building, the singing is the single thing about a full school building I miss the most.

Congratulations to Mrs. Tan our 2015-16 Teacher of the Year!

Teacher of the Year - ES - Mr. & Mrs. Tan with Maher 2 05-26-16

L to R:  Mr. Tan, Mrs. Tan, Mrs. Maher

Rosalie Capizzo Early Childhood Professional Development Scholarship at Lake Michigan Catholic Elementary School

Rosalie Capizzo is a retired kindergarten teacher from Coloma Schools. After her retirement, her children chose to honor her by awarding a $500 professional development scholarship in her name to an early childhood teacher here at Lake Michigan Catholic Schools.

This year’s recipient is Mrs. Jamie Hannapel. Jamie is a teacher of 3-year-olds in our Little Laker Preschool, who is pursuing the renewal of her Michigan teaching certificate. She plans to use the scholarship money to help pay tuition for her summer coursework that will help her achieve this goal. Congratulations, Jamie, and God bless you, Mrs. Capizzo, for your on-going commitment to providing the best start possible for young learners.

Capizzo Award - Fr. Tom McNally, Rose Capizzo, Jamie Hannapel & Jody Maher 05-26-16

 L to R:  Fr. McNally, Mrs. Capizzo, Mrs. Hannapel, Mrs. Maher

Spring Band Concert

In conjunction with St. Joseph Today, Lake Michigan Catholic Schools presented “The Spring Concert on the Bluff” on Monday, May 23rd at the E.N. Howard Bandshell.  Many community members enjoyed the event to pack the bandshell to almost full capacity. The weather provided the perfect night for a picturesque back drop including sunset and sailboats.

The five bands, led by 30 year veteran Band Director, Joe Jarvie, were a wonderful presentation of youth talent.  The concert, just over an hour long, began with two youth bands, the LMC 5th grade band and the 6th grade.  The entire presentation was a marked representation of the growth each band member makes along their music careers.  The LMC Middle School sound was only to be matched by the LMC High School performance.  The LMC Jazz band made their community debut at the concert.

McCoy, Stachowski Receive Diocesan St. Thomas Aquinas Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to LMC seniors Sarah McCoy and Ryan Stachowski, who received the inaugural Diocesan St. Thomas Aquinas Scholarship Awards!

McCoy St Thomas Aquinas

Stachowski St Thomas Aquinas

The senior capstone project is a new graduation requirement for all diocesan high school students aimed at recognizing outstanding achievement.  Students select their theological topic at the end of their junior year.  They then conduct research, prepare a report and present it to a panel of judges.  Scores are tabulated based on a variety of factors including demonstration and depth of knowledge on the theology topic, research quality and written and oral presentation skills.  Click here for the Diocesan Press Release

Varsity Track Ready for Regionals May 21st!

Varsity Track is having a fantastic season! Come out and cheer on the Lakers Saturday, May 21st as they compete in Regionals at New Buffalo.  Field events begin at 9:00 AM, semifinals begin at 10:30 AM, and finals begin at 12:00 PM.  Good Luck Lakers!

5th Grader Chloe Kibler Celebrates 2nd Place State DAR Essay Contest Win with Classmates

Fifth grader Chloe Kibler won 2nd place at the state level for an essay she wrote for the Daughters of the American Revolution. Then, the Daughters of the American Revolution came to visit us! They told us who they are and what their organization is all about- and brought along a pizza party to help us celebrate Chloe’s achievement! Go Chloe!!!


5th Grade Science

Laker fifth graders in Mrs. Goshgarian’s science classes are hopping their way into long-term scientific observations. The classes have been studying and observing frogs and hermit crabs for their Life Science unit.


Senior Trip to Mackinac Island

This week, the seniors shared time together during their trip to Mackinac Island, an LMC tradition.  The Lakers celebrated their years together and were sure to make more memories that will last a lifetime.

8th Grade at 5 Pines

Every year, the 8th grade students go to Five Pines Camp. Each student is challenged to achieve a new goal on the high ropes course and the tree climbing course. Here they learn team building and goal setting skills that they will use in the classroom and beyond.


4th Grade Visits Water Treatment Plant

Down on the south end of Lions’ Park Drive is a place that affects the quality our lives each day–St. Joseph’s water filtration plant.  Mr. Greg Alimenti, Water Plant Superintendent, welcomed the LMC 4th Graders for a tour of the plant and a demonstration of the many steps he oversees to ensure our community has a safe and abundant water supply.  From the massive offshore intakes to the sedimentation pools to the clarifier and the lab, it takes a combination of mechanical, chemical and electrical processes (Thanks, alum, you nifty, shifty chemical compound!), as well as conscientious management and high standards to keep the clean water flowing.  Thanks to Mr. Alimenti and his staff; they are the unsung heroes of community health.

Elementary Volleyball Camp a Success!

The elementary students had a great time at volleyball camp last week. We are all looking forward to playing on the elementary volleyball team in the fall!

Preschool goes Camping!

The Little Laker 4-year-olds are getting a taste of the great outdoors…indoors.  Preschool teachers Kris Cutter and Jen Schrauben, along with their aides, are taking the kids on daily adventures through some pretty wild territory–their imaginations!

LMC Seniors McCoy & Agay Receive Scholarships

LMC High School senior, Sarah McCoy, received an honor from Women’s Service League in St. Joseph on Tuesday night. Sarah was chosen from 61 applicants as one of two Athena Scholarship winners. The recipients of this scholarship are chosen for their philanthropic activities among outstanding members of the community who are also high school seniors. Congratulations Sarah!



LMC senior Ben Agay (first on left) was chosen as a recipient of the St. Joseph/Benton Harbor Rotary Club scholarship. Rotary awarded four $2,000 scholarships at Friday’s track meet. Congratulations Ben!

ben agay

1st Grade Guest Readers

St. Joseph Public Library’s Amy Nolan and Tanya Urias from Honor Credit Union visited the Laker 1st Graders to teach about good money habits, sharing their message by reading some entertaining children’s literature.  Setting goals and earning money was the theme of Curious George Saves His Pennies while Bunny Money, featuring the hilariously realistic sister and brother Ruby and Max, taught the students about the perils of impulsive spending.  The concept of generosity was not overlooked–everyone went home with their own copy of Rosemary Wells’ Bunny Money.

Librarian Visit & Story 1 05-06-16

LMC Varsity Boys & Girls Basketball Team Academic Honors

The ENTIRE LMC Girls Varsity Basketball Team has been honored as an Academic All State Team with the third best gpa in the state of Michigan! That makes BOTH Varsity Basketball Teams honored by the Basketball Coaches Association. Great Job STUDENT Athletes!!

2015-2016 LMC BKB G V (2)

2015-2016 LMC BKB B V (2)

Junior Achievement with Phil McDonald

JA volunteer Mr. Phil McDonald brings the fun while teaching Mrs. Binger’s 4th Grade students about the local resources – capital, natural and human – that are necessary to create a product.  A Laker alum and Sports Director for WSJM with a long broadcast career, Mr. McDonald is a natural AND an inexhaustible resource himself.

Phil McDonald Goofing with Kids 1 05-16

Phil McDonald - Activity with Kids 1 05-16

4th Grade Geology Lesson

Laker 4th Graders got the lay of the land when Mrs. Wolf visited the classroom to teach about the geological history of Michigan, explaining why we see particular rocks in different areas.  So, if the 4th Graders are “looking down,” don’t worry–they’re probably looking for signs of Michigan’s amazing past.

Geology - Michigan Rock Expert Mrs. Wolf with Kids 05-06-16

Geology - Michigan Rocks Map 05-06-16

4th Grade Girl Scouts

The 4th Grade Girl Scouts invited some special women to their meeting this week.  Their classroom teachers, Mrs. Nina Binger and Mrs. Laurie Marszalec, along with LMCES principal Mrs. Jody Maher, were honored for their roles as educators, mentors and models of the Catholic faith.  These women are not only appreciated…they are loved.

5th Grade Geocaching Trip

Mrs. Goshgarian’s fifth grade science classes recently went on a field trip to Sarett Nature Center to go geocaching, a popular new hobby involving global positioning systems. They also learned how to read a dichotomous key to identify various plant and animal life.



BCS Conference Honors Academic Senior Scholars

The BCS Conference honored its Academic Senior Scholars today during a luncheon at Lake Michigan Hills Golf Club. Students from Lake Michigan Catholic receiving the award included (from left) Jessica Russell, Jaclyn Barta, Ryan Stachowski, Carrington Tubman, and Madison McLoughlin. The honorees were nominated using GPA and ACT scores in a specific formula. Although the BCS is our athletic conference, this is not an athletic award, and is open to all seniors regardless of participation in sports. Congratulations to our BCS Conference Academic Senior Scholars!

DSCN3733From Left:  Jessica Russell, Jaclyn Barta, Ryan Stachowski, Carrington Tubman, Madison McLoughlin

1st Grade Waiting for Chicks to Hatch

It won’t take a dozen guesses to know what time of year it is in 1st Grade.  Our Science and Religion units focus on the wonder and goodness of new life.  The teachers and students are monitoring the incubators to be sure they are warm and humid enough for the chick embryos to develop and grow throughout the 21 days before they are ready to pip and hatch.  It’s hard to wait for that happy day!

Incubator - Warming Up 05-02-16Incubator - Egg Variety 05-02-16

6th Grade at Camp Friedenswald

Every spring, the 6th grade takes an overnight camping trip to Camp Friedenswald in Cassopolis. They spend their time developing positive peer relationships through team-building activities and participate in outdoor recreational activities, such as archery and canoeing.


5th Grade Etiquette Luncheon

Laker 5th Graders enjoyed a gracious and tasteful celebration that concluded Mrs. Lindsey Goshgarian’s practical etiquette unit.  Students worked on social skills, table manners, and polite conversation.  Dressed for the occasion, the 5th Graders put those skills into practice in a casual luncheon setting.  One thing that was not in evidence was a cell phone.  Ah, dining without devices…how pleasant!

4th Grade Learns about Static Electricity

So, your kid is giving the teacher some static, eh?  In this case, that’s perfectly fine.  The 4th Graders continued their study of electricity by doing the good old stick-the-balloon-on-stuff activity.  We’ve all done it but might not know the whys and hows.  Ask the 4th Graders…but don’t be surprised if they go all “negative” on you.

Principal for the Day

Miss Sierra Zencka, a highly qualified young lady, joined the Laker administrative staff for the day, assisting LMCES principal Mrs. Jody Maher in her daily duties.  The day began in the traditional way, with a morning mug of cocoa, greeting students, and gathering hugs before morning bell.  We have every confidence that Miss Zencka will make the best decisions and be a model leader throughout the day!

Principal for the Day - Zencka, Sierra with Mrs. Maher 1 04-27-16

Turtle Time!

 Little Laker 3-year-olds have been studying pond life, and were visited by Nessie, the Eastern Box Turtle.  Nessie has had a challenging life.  She had a significant hole in her shell, likely from a raccoon, and was rescued and brought back to health by After-Care director, Sue Zilke.  Now she spends her time as a part-time resident of After-Care, and visiting classrooms to help the students learn about our local reptiles.

Turtle Time 04-22-16


Little Laker Preschool & TK “Peek into Kindergarten”

On April 22nd, the Little Laker 4 year old preschool and LMC TK students were given the opportunity to “peek into kindergarten” as they experienced what it would be like to spend a full day of school at LMC.

The morning started off with a “field trip” down the hall to the kindergarten classroom. The preschoolers joined the older children during their daily routine at circle time and they observed all the similarities and differences between their classes. Rather then going home at 10:50 the children walked to the multipurpose room to enjoy lunch. Some of the children brought in lunches from home and some enjoyed hot lunch from the school but everyone sat down together to eat.

The fun continued in the afternoon with a celebration of Earth Day! Activities included painting rocks for our school playground, learning about recycling and making dirt pudding to eat!

Earth Day – HS Visits Elementary

Earth Day, 2016:  LMCHS’ Environmental Club members brought their message to Laker elementary students, teaching them with a whole slate of hands-on activities – making paper pulp wildflower “gardens” from shredded paper, recycling relays, water purity and filter models and more – to help teach students to incorporate conservation practices into every day, not just Earth Day.

2nd Grade – Donuts!!!

It’s Junior Achievement season at LMCES!  Mr. Deja’s 2nd Grade class’ JA leaders, Yvonne and Tom Horvath, take their roles seriously…and it was seriously fun when they came in character as the owners of “Dad’s Doughnut Shop.”  The students had to prove their worth as potential employees – using their creativity to come up with new products, and testing their skills in quality assurance in the production line.  Thanks to JA and the the Horvaths, there is no “hole” in the kids’ understanding of the role of businesses within a community, and the need for reliable and creative workers.

4th Grade Learns about Electrical Circuits

Laker 4th Graders made the literal “connections” between learning and practice as they made simple circuits in their study of electricity and electromagnetics in Mr.s Binger’s 4th Grade science class.

Agay Selected WSJM “Student Athlete of the Week”

WSJM has selected Benjamin Agay of Lake Michigan Catholic High School Track as their “Student Athlete of the Week” for the week of March 27th, 2016. 



For the week, Benjamin won the 110 Meter Hurdles and 300 Meter Hurdles and placed second in the 200 Meter Dash at the Bridgman Invitational.  He’s also a member of the Football team, Interact Club, and Boy Scouts, where he recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.  In the classroom, he carries a 3.91 grade point average.

Benjamin is the son of Milton and Michelle Agay of St. Joseph.

Opera for the Young

LMCES students and their families were treated to an out-of-this-world reimagining of Mozart’s The Magic Flute presented by Opera for the Young and featuring Laker 4th Graders.  The student performers receive an intensive and fun hour of instruction from the touring professionals before taking the stage,and showing that opera is for everyone.

Here are links to the Opera for the Young sites if you need any background infomation about the group:  http://www.operafortheyoung.org/ AND  http://www.operafortheyoung.org/school_tours/magic_flute/index.html


Little Laker 3-year-olds are finding signs of spring everywhere – among the plants growing, the birds singing…and worms and bugs wriggling in the classroom.  Life, in all its forms, is good.

Fine Arts Festival

Fine Arts students gathered Wednesday before they headed out to LMC to participate in the Lakeland Conference Fine Arts Festival at the Lake Michigan College Mendel Center.

This program featured some of the most talented students in band, drama, art and choir who live in our area. The program included live Performances at the Mendel Center and an Art Show. LMC is so proud of our talented Laker students!

Representing Lake Michigan Catholic: (for art) Morgan Salvano, Jackson McLoughlin, Kristen Dolohanty, Christine Nuter, Megan Yacobozzi, Ankia Gaska, Brianna Allen, Andriejus Gaska, Anna LaSata, (for drama) Jessica Russell, (for band) Elena Douville, Emily Zilke, Gabby Craig, Andrew Armstrong, Ryan Stachowski, Kelly Golden, Grant DeFrancesco, Sam Hardman & Logan Meyers.

Class of 2016 Valedictorians, Salutatorian & Top Ten

DSC_8710 Top Ten SeniorsTop Ten
Front, L to R: Ben Agay, Dana Ives, Alyssa Spafford, Maria McCoy, Morgan Salvano, Madison McLoughlin
Back L to R: Ryan Stachowski – Salutatorian, Carrington Tubman – Valedictorian, Jessica Russell – Valedictorian, Jaclyn Barta – Valedictorian


 Class of 2016 Capstone Finalists & Honorable Mention

DSC_8705 Capstone FinalistsL to R: Mr. DeVoir, Fr. Tom, Maria McCoy – Finalist, Ryan Stachowski – Finalist, Bridget Hoffman – Honorable Mention, Morgan Salvano – Honorable Mention, Carrington Tubman – Honorable Mention, Fr. Jim

Maria and Ryan will continue on to compete at the Diocesan level for the Capstone Scholarship.  Congratulations and Good Luck!

2016 Honors Band

LMC 8th grade band members Elizabeth Travis, Elena Proos, Lucy Arbanas, Kathleen Krieger, Eva Schley, Maddie Johnston and Ben Johnston were selected to participate in the Southwest Michigan Honors Band.  They performed Monday, March 21st at Andrews University with 155 top 8th graders from the area.  Rehearsals began at 9 am Monday and culminated with their performance at 7 pm that evening.  Outstanding job!  Maddie and Ben were unable to attend due to a death in the family.

4th Grade Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad for elementary students throughout Berrien County was held on March 9th at Lake Michigan College.  Laker 4th Graders competed in a circuit of hands-on activities that covered multiple areas of the sciences.  The day was yet another piece of evidence that the sciences are fun, and get even better in a collaborative environment.

Laker Athletics St. Patty’s Day Dinner

The Laker family celebrated St. Patrick’s day with a delicious home-made Irish dinner & lots of Irish fun!

3rd Grade Easter Visit from Miss O

The 3rd Graders welcomed a visit from Miss O, or rather Babushka, for a reading of Patricia Polacco’s Rechenka’s Eggs, a perfect Easter story that conveys the power of forgiveness and the gift of love that we each have to give.

2016 National Honor Society Induction

Congratulations to our 2016 National Honor Society inductees!

“America and Me” Essay Contest Winners

In November, the 8th graders had the opportunity to participate in an essay contest entitled, “My Michigan Hero”.  Our school was sponsored by Farm Bureau Insurance, and last Friday, their representative (and proud LMC parent) Mrs. Ristow came to present awards for our school’s top three winners.  Congratulations to Emily Lage, Elena Proos, and Hayden Starr.  Hayden, our first place winner, will go on to compete at the state level and will be published in a booklet of winners around the state. We are very proud of these girls and ALL of the participants for their hard work.

American & Me

4th Grade Biography Presentations

How would you like to have a conversation with Steve Jobs, Jonas Salk, Susan Picotte, or Ernie Pyle?  That tremendous meeting of minds, and many others, occured recently in the 4th Grade classrooms as the students became famous figures who have contributed to world culture in myriad ways.  Along with sharing their accomplishments, these guests from the past modeled some amazing attributes such as bravery, creativity, tenacity, generosity and humility.

Preschool Superheros

The Little Laker Preschool Day Care kids thought the recent warm days were super in a couple of ways.  The balmy temperatures found them outdoors, finally without heavy winter gear; while inside they donned superhero costumes, armed with their special super power…cuteness.


5th Grade Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to our 5th grade Science Fair winners – Katherine Daniels, Audrey Sekellick, Nik Door, Isabel Molter and Jayce Franklin!

Winners are chosen based on the teacher’s overall impression of their experiments. Katherine, and Jayce and Audrey got most creative. Katherine did an experiment on the effects of homemade hair dye. Audrey dissolved eggshells off of raw eggs and Jayce did a blind taste test on brownies with crickets in them versus brownies without crickets. Isabel and Nik received best overall for their respective classes. Isabel did an experiment on moon phases and Nik’s experiment had to do with whether or not watching television affects your ability to study for a test.


4th Grade Space Day

NASA just announced a record number of applicants for the 2016 astronaut program–18,300 hopefuls.  Twenty years in the future, will some Lakers be on the same trajectory?  They will if they remain as excited about space, engineering and math as they were on the LMC 4th Grade’s annual Space Day.  The 6-week Space Race unit concluded with a build day followed by mission day.  Judging by their faces, astronaut is a career each of them would love.


4 year old Preschool 100th Day of School Celebration!

The 4-year-old Preschool kids got a hearty congratulations for completing all the fun stations that made them 100 days smarter on the landmark 100th day of preschool!


4th – 7th Graders Participate in King Arthur Flour

“Learn Bake Share” Program

Lake Michigan Catholic 4th – 7th grade students welcomed Paula Gray, manager of the King Arthur Flour “Bake for Good: Kids Learn Bake Share program” on February 11th. Ms. Gray, along with her volunteer chefs Allison Glendening and Clair LaSata, demonstrated how to bake bread from scratch. Students were sent home with the ingredients to bake 2 loaves of homemade bread – one for themselves, and one to bring back to school. The bread will be donated to the Lighthouse Ministries in Benton Harbor.


4th & 5th Grade Welcome Dr. Stephen Adams

Dr. Stephen Adams, team physician to the Chicago Cubs, visited Lake Michigan Catholic Elementary school on Friday, FebruaryGr. 4 - Binger - Dr. Adams Visit - Cubs - Schrauben, Nuter, Schrauben & Poll 02-05-16 5th.  Dr. Adams is a very accomplished product of Catholic education from kindergarten though medical school, and his brother, Dr. Greg Adams, a graduate of LMCHS, holds his Ph.D. in Mathematics, and is a professor at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.  It was an honor to have Dr. Adams as a guest, and his accomplishments, as well as those of his brother, are inspiring.

Dr. Adams, also a professor of Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, and an advisor to the MLB on drug policy, gave a wonderfully insightful and entertaining presentation and Q & A time to our 4th and 5th students.  He is a terrific model of making the most of one’s education, seeking a fulfilling career, working hard, and managing multiple demands, as well as maintaining a lively sense of humor.


TK Students Attend Weekly Mass

After spending the first part of the school year learning more about our Catholic faith and the reason that we reverently participate in Mass, the Transitional Kindergarten students were ready for the milestone of attending weekly Mass with the rest of the Laker students.  Thanks to the good habit of attending Mass with their families and the lessons learned from Mrs. Loebach and in the Good Shepherd program, the TK kids were welcomed as members of our school worship community.  Congratulations!

TK - 1st Mass Attendance 02-04-16

Elementary “Jump Rope for Heart”

Elementary Gym instructor Ashley Pagel organized the annual Jump Rope for Heart that took place during Catholic Schools Week.  Along with participating in a heart-thumping circuit of aerobic activities, students sought pledges to benefit the American Heart Association.


8th Grade Community Outreach with Whitcomb Residents

As Pope Frances reminds us, “The call to serve involves something special, to which we must be attentive. Serving means caring for their vulnerability. Caring for the vulnerable of our families, our society, our people.” LMC eighth graders have given us a perfect example of their call to community in spending time with residents of the Whitcomb Senior Living Community.  These students have begun a history assignment while doing community outreach and achieving a very enriching experience.  One day a month, the eighth graders walk to the Whitcomb and meet with residents who have many stories to tell.  The eighth graders are learning about the history of our community and our nation from the residents.

The Whitcomb activities director is extremely pleased with the program that LMC is helping to facilitate, and the residents were quite welcoming and happy to have our students spend time learning their stories and perspectives.

 2016 Winterfest Royalty & Court

Laker to Laker Day

The 5th Grade Laker to Laker Day was held on Friday, January 29th and was a big hit with the kids.  Students arrived on campus at 7:45am for the start of the day and were quickly indoctrinated into the middle school way of life.  After morning prayer and scripture in the lobby, they were assigned lockers for their belongings.  Lockers are an exciting asset to the Middle School.  All students were paired up with a senior who took them on a building tour and answered the many questions that these inquisitive kids had.  During the course of the day students had an opportunity to experience several classes with a 6th grade buddy.  Each 5th grader participated in Band and Art as well as the other core classes – Math, Art, Theology, English and Social Studies.

The special guests were treated to a Pizza Hut lunch and then broke up again to learn about the many Club, Enrichment, Field Trip and Community Service activities that are available to students in the middle school.  Mr. Heath talked to the kids about middle school athletic programs, and the day ended with an exciting pep rally in the gym.  Our 6th grade buddies are to be commended for their leadership as well as our 12th graders who provided assistance whenever needed.

5th Grade Learns about Synesthesia:
Why Some of Us Can Taste Music and Hear the Rainbow

Sharon Polfus came to talk to Mrs. Goshgarian’s 5th grade students about a unique skill called “synesthesia”. They have been reading a book called “A Mango Shaped Space” by Wendy Mass in class and have studied artwork by a famous synesthete (Kandinsky) in art class with Mrs. Dudding. Below is a link to an article explaining what synesthesia is; perhaps there are some unknown synesthetes in our Laker family!


 March for Life

Thirty students from Lake Michigan Catholic High School, led by Father Tom and a group of parent chaperones, left Tuesday night (January 19th) to participate in the March.  Our students celebrated Mass with 12,000 of their peers and 500 priests.   Due to the impending blizzard, the LMC group boarded the bus at 6:00 am on the morning of the March to head home.  Our LMC participants returned early, but had the March for Life in their prayers and on their minds.  Please support the sanctity of life with your prayers as we mark another anniversary of Roe V Wade.

Enrichment and Career Exploration – Craig Tornquist

Our 8th and 9th grade students were dressed for their careers January 8th as they experienced an LMC biennial event which is part of Enrichment and Career Exploration.  LMC hosted Comedian Craig Tornquist who entertained and educated our 8th and 9th graders.  In addition, LMC also welcomed Berrien Trinity and St. Joseph Trinity to participate.  Craig Tornquist’s focus is turning away from alcohol and drugs and poor decisions which can shatter dreams of a great career.  Faith is a big part of Mr. Tornquist’s presentation and a big part of his life. Craig made a choice long ago when asked to ‘dirty up his act’ instead using his Faith and talents to guide his career in which he chose to influence and inspire young and old alike to make the right choices in life.  Craig was told he would fail in this industry, but now presents to 200 churches, schools and corporate events yearly to inspire and teach .  His career has taken him from New York to California using songs, parodies and laughter to teach healthy, responsible, and thoughtful life choices.  Our students were engaged, laughing and realizing the message of healthy choices in careers and in everyday life. Thanks to Miss Schmidt for setting up a very inspiring presentation!

High School “Adopt a Veteran”

The High School theology classes teamed up with the Spirit club to send care packages to veterans and active duty service members…enjoy these photos of LMC students writing letters and you will get an idea of items sent to our service members.

4th Grade Science Sense

The 4th Graders’ senses, particularly the olfactory, got a workout as they determined the traits and hypothesized the uses of six white mystery powders.  By observing the powders’ reactions with vinegar and water and identifying their properties, students figured out what familiar household chemicals they were dealing with and why they work.

2nd Grade Birthday Party for Jesus

Mr. Deja and Mrs. Lage’s 2nd Graders kept Christ in Christmas by holding a birthday party for Baby Jesus that benefited the families served by our local Birthright chapter.

9th & 10th Grade Retreat

The 9th and 10th graders had a wonderful opportunity to participate in a retreat December 12th with NET Ministry. The NET ministers are all college students who are deeply passionate about their faith. They desire to help high school students find the same love of Jesus Christ that they have found, and have gone through extensive training to give them the tools to make that happen. Our LMC students had a chance to see their faith with new eyes, and that holiness is experienced in many walks of life. Our Faith is meant to be spoken here and now. The youthful passion that the NET team have for their faith inspired our LMC children in their own relationship with Christ.

Seniors Thank Public Safety Officers with Christmas Treats

LMC seniors annually thank our St. Joseph Public Safety Departments by making and delivering Christmas cookies.  We are so thankful for their service!

3rd Grade Oil Spill Experiments

Within their recent geology and Earth studies unit, Mrs. Bodley’s 3rd Grade science students learned how oil spills occur, and considered different clean-up methods.  After simulating an oil spill, they tried to restore the water to its original state by removing as much oil as possible, using and comparing a variety of materials, such as sponges, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, and coffee filters.  It was difficult.  The experience highlighted the need for stewardship of all our waters, conscientious use of energy, and forward-thinking design for safe energy production.

College English “Canstruction” Project

Lake Michigan Catholic High School College English students wrote before, during, and after they completed their canstruction projects. Students wrote research proposals requesting permission to research a societal issue that reflected their project design; business letters soliciting financial assistance to fund their project; argumentative essays including: ?, Are schools doing enough to stop bullying?, Can the U.S. contain the global terrorist threat?, Are minorities targeted unfairly by police?, Would strengthening FDA regulatory authority improve food safety?; technical process writing with written instructions on building the canstruction project, and business letters thanking the businesses for their support. Students collected over $1,000 from area businesses including WalMart, Edgewater Bank, Hannapel Home Center, and Fidelity Charitable Trust, among others. Not only did the class combine area businesses, but also the elementary school 5th grade class, middle school, high school, St. Joseph Downtown Parish, and St. Joseph South Parish contributed to the can drive collection. Once the projects were completed, students sent photographs of their projects, along with their thank you letters, to those businesses. Most important, with the help of Ms. Schmid and Sr. Mary Ann, students delivered cans to both the Catholic Community Center and First Assembly of God to restock their food pantries after Thanksgiving. According to Sr. Maureen of the Catholic Community Center, “Wow! Just wow! I knew you had a large delivery, but I just didn’t imagine all this! Thank you so much!”

China with Miss O

 4th Graders are immersed in immigrant studies that are taking them virtually around the world.  How wonderful to have someone, who has literally been around the world, visit the classroom.  Carol Oehlhafen, fondly known to all the Lakers as Miss O,, dropped by the classrooms to share her knowledge of China, a fascinating an ancient culture that influences the world heavily today.

Middle School Robotics Advances to State!

The Mighty Michigan Mechanics – Team 9883 has advanced to the State Championship Event, hosted at Lakeview High School on Dec. 19th in Battle Creek, based on their performance at the recent W. Michigan FTC Qualifying Event.

Ranked 4th among 32 teams, M3 was a member of the 3rd alliance (like 3rd place) for the quarter finals. Despite not placing in the number one seed alliance, Team 9883 was able to secure advancement based on other competition criteria such becoming a finalist of the Think Award, the Connect Award, and the Inspire Award. Not bad, for our first event ever.

3 Year Old Preschoolers Learn about Community Helpers

The 3-year-old Laker preschoolers learned that there are a lot of community helpers working to keep them safe and healthy.  Officer Mike rolled in with his squad car to teach about public safety, and pediatrician Dr. Anne Dudley allayed some common fears that children may feel during check-ups.


8th Grade at 5 Pines

The eighth graders spent a beautiful fall day at Five Pines in Berrien Center. At Five Pines the staff uses experiential education to allow students to be challenged to step outside of their comfort zone, to experience nature, and using perceived risk activities and cooperatives enabling them to grow in the areas of motor, social, cognitive, personal growth and leadership.

Students and teachers alike sign a Full Value Contract. The signed contract asks that the student and teacher commit to being involved, safe, honest and open throughout the day.


Preschool “Field Trip”

15-16 Preschooler Bus

The kids on the bus are cute, cute, cute…and they are smart about bus safety, too!  The little Lakers in Mrs. Glotzbach and Mrs. Hannapel’s 3-year-old classes are exploring all the different ways people get from place to place.  When the wheels on the bus started to go round and round, the little Lakers experienced a ride that was a first for many of them.

MS & Varsity Cross Country in Local Competition October 3rd


Come cheer on the Lakers as they compete in the Berrien County Invitational on Saturday, October 3rd at Riverview Park. Both our varsity and middle school runners will be in action, with the first race starting at 9:00 AM. This is the Cross Country Team’s only meet this season in the St. Joe/Benton Harbor/Stevensville area.  Go Lakers!

Kindergarteners celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday (September 26th) by making homemade applesauce!