2016-17 Lunch Information

Hot lunch is available every school day from our licensed kitchen at the Elementary School.  Preschool students who use our afternoon daycare can purchase hot lunch or milk/water.  The cost for hot lunch (including milk/water) is $3.50.  Students can also purchase just milk or water for $.50/day.

Each student is provided a scannable lunch card that is tied to their account.  Parents have access to these accounts through their child’s RenWeb account.  Payments can be made through our pay portal at www.lmclakers.org (preferred method) or by cash or check sent to the elementary school.  Parents are required to keep track their lunch account balance through the RenWeb ParentWeb portal and may replenish it at any time.

If your child forgets lunch or there is a “bread emergency” at your house, your child will be able to eat that day.  You will need to provide payment on the portal.