Starting in the 3rd grade, elementary students are given the time to appreciate art and encouraged to be creative.  Four artists are studied in-depth at each grade level.  They include Renaissance, European, American and contemporary styles.  In addition, students are exposed to the art of South America, Africa and Asia as part of the curriculum.  An artist-in-residence day is provided by one of our local artists each year.


Band starts in 5th grade at Lake Michigan Catholic Elementary.  We have a long history of extraordinary participation and excellence in performance. For the past 30 years Lake Michigan Catholic has had one of the highest participation rates nationally with over 50% of the high school students involved in band!

Each year students in the Elementary School have an opportunity to participate in a school-wide drama production.  Elementary students are involved in every aspect of the production, aided by middle and high school drama students. For additional information contact Mrs. Wendy Golob at 269-930-2371.


Music & Liturgy
Students from transitional kindergarten (TK) through 5th grade attend Mass every Thursday at the elementary school. Upper elementary students serve as commentators, lectors, cantors, percussionists, greeters, gift bearers, ushers, sacristans and sound engineers at these Masses.

String Instruction
4th – 9th grade students have the opportunity to take lessons in the cello, viola and violin in a program established with the Citadel in Benton Harbor. Transportation to the after school lessons will be provided by the school. Parents will be responsible to pick up their children after the lesson.

Note: Band and Art courses are offered as a part of our regular curriculum.