LMC 2016-17 Teacher Awards

LMCES Teacher of the Year:  Mrs. Lindsey Goshgarian – 5th Grade

Our teacher of the year for the 2016-17 school year is finishing her 5th year here at Lake Michigan Catholic.  She came to us as a very good teacher and has continued to grow each year. However, this past year she has embraced the role of lead teacher and mentor, and become an innovator.

Mrs. Lindsey Goshgarian‘s growth as an outstanding teacher begins with this fundamental: being an outstanding person. She has grown the fifth grade curriculum through some amazing experiences with hydroponics, coding, and STEAM kits, the exploration of rudimentary engineering principles, and collaborative problem solving.  She used the Makers book series followed by makers’ days that allowed her students to be hands on.  She sought out experts from our community to bring their real world experiences to life in the classroom, among them organic farmer Katie Burdette from Granor Farm in Three Oaks, and local orchardist Jay Jollay, to extend science lessons, and engineer Pat Glotzbach, who challenged the students to understand and test the incredible uses of robotic technology.

Her teaching wasn’t just exemplary in the content areas; more importantly, Mrs. Goshgarian is a daily example of our faith.  She has brought creative resources and musicians into the classroom to highlight different forms of prayer, and planned an all-day fifth grade Lenten retreat, which taught the students that there is always a way to be comfortable and personal in their relationship with God.

After the retreat, Mrs. Goshgarian said, “I could do this type of planning and teaching every day!” Likewise, I could sing Mrs. Goshgarian’s praises every day.  Congratulations to our LMCES Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Lindsey Goshgarian!

L to R:  Fr. Tom McNally, ES Principal Jody Maher, Lindsey Goshgarian


Rosalie Capizzo Early Childhood Professional Development Scholarship:
Mrs. Carolyn Zmrhal

Each year the Capizzo Scholarship is awarded to an early childhood teacher to help provide professional development to further their knowledge in the teaching of and learning processes of our littlest Lakers.  The scholarship was started by Rosalie Capizzo, a retired kindergarten teacher, and her children.  This year the scholarship has been awarded to Mrs. Carolyn Zmrhal, our Transitional Kindergarten teacher.  She will use the grant to attend a Zoo-phonics in-service over the summer.  Congratulations Mrs. Zmrhal!

Mrs. Rosalie Capizzo, Carolyn Zmrhal

Middle School Teacher of the Year:  Mrs. Helen Koch

The  Middle School teacher of the is Mrs. Helen Koch. Mrs. Koch left a subject she loved to teach in order to do what we thought was best for the school.  After making the switch, she was told that a high school class would be added to her schedule.  A short time later, the high school Interact Club asked her to help start a middle school chapter.  We have leaned on her to cover for secretaries and supervise detention during lunch.  Her focus on adoration and prayer in class has helped our students grow closer to their faith.

High School Teacher of the Year:  Mrs. Carolyn Simmons

When one thinks of a phenomenal example of an LMC teacher, Mrs. Carolyn Simmons comes to mind.  Mrs. Simmons has:

  • Worked hard to make sure LMC is prepared for the future
  • Was instrumental in kick-starting our preparation for next year’s accreditation visit
  • Just recently finished two grades of ELA curriculum for the Diocese
  • Most importantly, makes herself available to students before school, during lunch, and after school
  • Has been a huge help in planning events for our students including planning and running our annual Winterfest lock-in

Mrs. Simmons differentiates her assignments in her classes at an amazing level to meet the needs of each student. Congratulations to Mrs. Simmons for this great achievement!

Cardinal Newman Award:  Mr. Joe Schmidt

This year’s Cardinal Newman recipient is Mr. Joe Schmidt. This  award is sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Joel Gibbons and is given to a high school teacher annually.  Mr. Schmidt has earned the respect of his students.  His even-tempered personality brings a breath of fresh air to his classroom and you can see it in the demeanor of the students in his class.  He has traveled to other Diocesan schools, helping them establish a base for the upcoming Diocesan UbD curriculum.  As a life-long learner and someone who consistently self-reflects on his teaching, this award couldn’t go to a better person.

Msgr. Sears Award:  Mr. Joe Jarvie

This year, Msgr. Sears sponsored an award for one individual in our Laker community.  The award winner had to emulate LMC values.  As the Administration discussed this award, one person’s name repeatedly came up, Mr. Joe Jarvie. This hard-working teacher should be biding his time on the back end of his career, but he keeps doing more and more to benefit the students at LMC. An example of his hard work was on display at the Spring Concert. He has welcomed our Choir and the Citadel Strings Program with open arms to work with the band in their performances. He has personally raised funds to start two jazz bands. He came out of retirement to coach our girl’s basketball team. He constantly offers to help with administrative tasks including tracking tardies. He may not be the most interesting man in the world, but he is the most interesting man at LMC! He’s like an assistant principal and Mr. Heath is never worried about leaving him in charge when he’s out of the building. We are very grateful to Monsignor Sears for underwriting this award, and to Mr. John Curtis for facilitating it on behalf of the Twin City Area Catholic School Fund.