31 Mar

As spring begins to unfold, we’re overjoyed at the thought of being one season away from summer – and with summer, will come the 2017 ND CoRE Camp at Lake Michigan Catholic Schools. We’re so excited to be partnering with Notre Dame to provide this opportunity to the students entering 6th-8th grade in the fall!

Click here to download the promotional flyer. The cost of the camp for our students will be $150 per camp attendee. If necessary, we have a certain number of half- and full-scholarships to give to students, at our discretion. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mr. Heath at 983-2511 or Mrs. Maher at 429-0227.

Students may register for the camp in one of two ways:

1) Online, using the following URL: https://stemeducation.nd.edu/kalamazoo.

2) Completing & returning the bottom portion of the Camp Flyer to your school; in turn, we ask you fill out the online form on their behalf.

In either scenario, parents should write the check in the amount of your camp to Lake Michigan Catholic Schools, directly, and turn it in at Mrs. Maher or Mr. Heath’s office. The first 24 students to register will be accepted to the camp. In order to order the appropriate amount of supplies, we kindly ask that all students be registered no later than Friday, May 5th