We pray for those that are sick or less fortunate, that God may heal and help them. We pray for our loved ones, that they may live in good health and faith. And we send prayers of thanks for the blessings we’ve received today and every day. The Lord is with us and He hears our prayers.

Lake Michigan Catholic Prayer List

Mary Cooms – Friend of Jeri DiBrito
Tom Holt – Friend of Linda Schemenauer
Mr. David Lage – grandparent to Emily and Matthew Lage
Jan Smith – Friend of Linds Schemenauer
Mrs. Cunat’s mother
Jeri DiBrito –
LMC Staff Member
Jan Smith –
Friend of Linda Schemenauer
Chris Glendening – Grandmother to Katie & Allison Glendening, LMC Staff Member, Friend
Dave Loebach – Husband to Mrs. Lorie Loebach
Fajardo family
Stephanie Holstad and her family – Friend of Laurie Marszalec
David Geisler– Father of Sarah Kurtz, Friend to Mrs. DiBrito
David Grassi – Brother to Pam Barden
Terry and Courtney Lewis – Friends of Laurie Marszalec
Suzi Blough – Friend of LMC
Lorie Loebach – Pre-School teacher at LMCE
Ralph Mastro – Cousin to Al DiBrito
Jean Morris – Friend to Jeri & Al DiBrito
Gordon Stuck – nephew of the Sullivan Family
The Smiley Family – Friends of Carolyn Simmons Family
Frank & Bobbie Porcaro – Parents of Mrs. DiBrito
Family members of  Jason DeVoir
Megan Landeck – Alumni of LMC
Mrs. Monck Finley – Mother of Di’Mia FInley
Family/ Friend of Mrs. DiBrito
Family of Michelle Agay
Ron Harrison – Friend of Carol Oehlhaffen
James Blanzy – father of Karen Lage
Marcie O’Connell
Theresa Perrino – Friend to Mrs. DiBrito
Shelly O’Brien – Friend to Mrs. DiBrito
Alicen Thornton – parent of former LMC students.
Glory Barden – Mother in law to Pam Barden
Carol Green – Mother of Mrs. Linda Schemenauer
Fr. Bill Jacobs
Noah Siglow – Student at Lake Michigan Catholic
A parent of alumni
Ann Herrygers
Aline Leighton – Grandmother to  Lorie Loebach, Teacher at Elementary
Ron Drews  – Father of  Janet Ordiway
Valerie Miller – Alumna of LMC
John Silverman – Friend of the Mahar Family
Barb Gilbert – friend of Karen Petsovich
Carol Nangle –  Mother to Tracy Glotzbach
Jacob Allerton – Son of Mr. & Mrs. Allerton
Pedro A. Ramirez – Father to Agnes Corpus
Joan Ziebarth
Rosemary Insidioso – Grandmother to Mannie  Insidioso
Rosalie Capizzo – Mother of  Mrs. Ferol Allen
Frances Duris – Grandmother to  Claire Duris
Cheryl Houtz – Friend of Mrs. DiBrito
Ethel Janiszewski – Former Teacher & Friend of LMC
Terri McGrath – Alumna of LMC and Friend to Mrs. DiBrito
Julie Kessler – Friend of LMC
Patty Gonzales – Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Phil Brooks
Mary Burke – Friend of Mrs. Schemenauer
Diana and Steve Parrigin- Cousin to Tanner Nutting
Dorothy O’Connell – Mother to Kathleen Smart
Kate Glendening – Granddaughter to Mrs. Glendening
Deb Hermann
Lorri Schiek McCadney – alumna, wife, mother, teacher

For the end of all abortion
For the people in the world who are suffering
For all the men and women serving our country & their families