27 May

 LMCES Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Stephanie Tan – Music Instructor & Liturgist

This year’s teacher of the year has been with us for 4 years. She inspires all of us, from our 4-year-old preschoolers, to our 5th graders, to our staff and teachers, and to me! I’m sure many of you here this morning would say she inspires you, too.

Mrs. Stephanie Tan has created a culture here at Lake Michigan Catholic Elementary School where music is king. She is playful and serious within the same lesson, and manages to teach our children to SING in praise to God. Her knowledge of music and theory are unparalleled, and she passes her love of all types of music on to her students.

I feel that at each Mass and performance our students grow in their love of music. They have become increasingly more confident and it shows in how they lead our singing at Mass on Thursdays as well as how they conduct themselves each week in their music time with Mrs. Tan.

I can’t say enough about how Mass makes me FEEL….it’s an overwhelming sense of grace and peace. I look forward to Mass each week, knowing that our students’ singing will inspire me. As I work throughout the summer in an empty, quiet building, the singing is the single thing about a full school building I miss the most.

Congratulations to Mrs. Tan our 2015-16 Teacher of the Year!