Testimonials from LMC parents, students, graduates
and the LMC community


“Other than my family, LMC was the place that gave me the confidence to try new things, opportunities to get involved, and to share of my time and talents with those in need. Through the teachers and fellow students, LMC helped build a foundation of finding balance in life – that you can nourish your mind (through studies), your body (sports and other activities), as well as your spirit through your faith, and that I am happiest with life when I can maintain that type of balance. My sense of home and community was fostered by my LMC schooling, and some of my most dear friends are my schoolmates from LMC even today 30 years later.”

– The Honorable Donna (Bacolor) Howard

“Lake Michigan Catholic Schools has prepared me academically for college. My favorite classes were Physics and Chemistry with Mrs. Nuter. The staff included teachers who are friendly and approachable, and made the subjects interesting.”

– Nathan Glotzbach

“Lake Michigan Catholic Schools taught me the fundamentals and gave me the well-roundedness to succeed in University of Michigan’s LSA program. This solid educational basis allowed for me to explore – and ultimately discover – the right major for not only my strengths, but my passions.”

– Kathryn Allen

“LMC develops each student’s talents and creates “servant leaders”.  Faith, service, and helping your neighbor are instilled each step of the way. What I learned as an LMC student has made me a better parent, a better teacher and a well rounded legislator.”

– Michigan House Representative Kimberly LaSata

“I am so thankful for my time at LMC that showed us how to live out the Gospel in our lives. The students were encouraged to volunteer and help those less fortunate. I truly believe LMC played a part in my becoming a missionary.”

– Denise Robinson Hodge

“The teachers care for the students and are sure to support and encourage them—wiping away tears when things are tough and cheering them on when they succeed. Students are being educated as whole people to become the very best they can be in all aspects of their lives. Even outside of the classroom, they have access to a million activities and sports.”

– Stephanie Daniels

“LMC has been such a blessing to our family. We have seen our son blossom and grow, not only academically, but spiritually as well. Communication with the teachers has always been easy and often. It is easy to tell how much the staff cares about each of the students. We would highly recommend LMC time and time again.”

– Ryan and Laura Streelman

“Our experience with LMC has been amazing! They have gone above and beyond all of our expectations of what we hope for in a school for our children—the after school activities, the outstanding staff and the family involvement, LMC is the best :)”

– Ashley Hess Franklin

“Great students, teachers, and families!”

– Charlie LaSata

“Our two daughters have just completed their first year as LMC Lakers and we could not be more pleased. Our oldest will be entering 8th grade in the fall, and though her workload was vigorous, she maintained a high GPA. Her teachers always went out of their way to help if she felt overwhelmed or seemed to struggle with certain concepts! She has grown in her confidence, was part of a winning soccer club, and has made wonderful new friends. Our youngest daughter will be entering 4th grade and she, too, has gained confidence, LOVED her teachers, enjoyed learning Spanish, being in Art, Gym, Music, and has made great improvements academically! We, as a family, could not be more pleased with our decision to become a part of the LMC Laker family! From the beginning, we have felt welcome and appreciated!”

– Valerie and Christian Krieger

“Coming from a long line of LMC alum, Brandon and I are happy to give a testimonial. Not only did he and I both graduate from LMC, but most of our extended family did as well. Personally, I feel it more than prepared me for a rigorous college education. I felt my problem-solving abilities and intense focus on writing carried me through a top-rated college curriculum far more easily than my peers. But more importantly than the great education and extra-curricular opportunities—LMC has taught us to love. That it’s okay to believe what we do, to openly express our love for each other, our families, God, our community, etc. I see it in our daughters’ relationships with God that LMC is helping them build. Their care and concern for their classmates and the close bonds they are building with each other are direct responses to their time at LMC. Brandon and I created an LMC family that we are still connected to now, and I know Elli and Norah are creating that same family. I am so grateful every time I walk through the door to drop them off at school that we have chosen to make the sacrifices needed for them to attend here. They are greeted by teachers and classmates with hugs, with affection, with openness, and are starting each day with prayer. There truly isn’t any other environment like this and am so proud of who they are becoming with LMC’s guidance.

Thank you for all you and your staff do!!”

– Kris (Payovich) Cornell

“Dear John,
I have been wanting to write to you and other members of administration, secretaries, and educators. I was astounded at the 2015 class graduation. I have been aware that LMC is a wonderful family/community. I have never seen anything like this before. From administration, teachers, parents, and other students there is great care and support for each student.

Your school’s educational success is clearly evident in the superior achievement on standardized tests including the ACT. Amazingly, LMC consistently performs better than the large and excellent neighboring schools. Most of your graduates were accepted to and had a choice between 3 to 5 great universities throughout the nation. Their future fields of study are among the most demanding and prestigious. Their future success seems guaranteed.
As if that is not enough, almost every student is amazingly well-rounded. When our family was introduced to LMC, I remember hearing that you guide students to at least one extra-curricular activity. At the graduation, this was demonstrated. Almost every student was involved in more than one sport, music, drama, club, and service project. All aspects of personal development have been nurtured and have flourished at LMC. At the graduation, I was amazed that there were so many valedictorians. But there are so many students who have reached the highest levels of achievement. Graduation ceremonies often have speakers who are long-winded, don’t make a point, and lose the interest of the audience. Your student speakers worked together as a group to develop a creative and fascinating series of individual yet coordinated presentations. Their love of the school, appreciation of what they have gained from the school and great Christian fellowship was clearly demonstrated.

The final part of the graduation that captured the graduates and families was a politician who graduated from and has children attending LMC. He exhorted all at LMC to live lives of service, give all of themselves to others, and always keep close to Christ for guidance, inspiration, and strength.

Thank you so much for everything!”

– Paula McEachen

“Lake Michigan Catholic has been a perfect place for my sons. That was never so evident as when my youngest son was injured playing football and he had to miss quite a bit of school. The teachers and staff were supportive and so helpful. He was able to recover more easily because of the wonderful LMC family.”

– Michelle Agay

“LMC has been a wonderful experience for all five of my children. My oldest daughter is now a teacher, and the values and lessons she learned, she is passing onto another generation. My four boys continue to grow and learn about the Lord on their journey through the grades. They all love it at LMC. They have made lots of friends and memories to last a lifetime. They have also excelled at academics and the staff has been wonderful. I recommend this school to anyone who values education and who believes in teaching your children about spirituality and God.”

– Brian O’Connell

“I was fortunate enough to attend LMC from second grade through high school.  Some of my best memories include coming up through the system, building relationships with excellent teachers who cared about my academic and personal development, and making lifelong friends with classmates.  LMC helped mold me as a person and provided an excellent environment to grow academically, spiritually, and athletically. ”

– Mike McDonald