31 Mar

The Class of 2019 would like to provide you withvan opportunity to support our class while purchasing items you use every day. The products include trash bags of high quality recycled plastic and high quality detergent in a variety of scents; all are high efficiency formulas. Here’s what we have to offer:

● Trash Bags ­ $35.00 (various sizes, 100­ – 250 per box)

● 5 ­gallon Liquid Laundry Detergent w/pump ­ $35.00 (see order form for labels and fragrances)

● 5­ gallon Liquid Fabric Softener w/pump ­ $35.00b(see order form for labels and fragrances)

● 300 Laundry Pods/Scented Boosters ­ $40.00

● 5 ­gallon 200 Single­ Use Dishwasher Pods ­ $40.00

Our fundraiser will last from April 1st – 15th. Please complete your order form and return it to Lake Michigan Catholic (one of our Class of 2019 will pick up order forms from the elementary at the end of the fundraiser). You will need to purchase the items in advance; checks may be made out to Lake Michigan Catholic. Delivery will occur approximately ten business days we submit our order.

Thank you for supporting our class and purchasing something useful at the same time!

If you have any questions, feel free to call me, Carolyn Simmons (269) 983­-2511 ext. 49, or Mr. Mark Howkins, (269) 983-­2511 ext. 13, Class of 2019 Advisors.

Thank you!

Class of 2019