Elementary school classes use the following curriculum.

Course Descriptions

Pre K Theology

Kindergarten Theology

1st Grade Theology

2nd Grade Theology

3rd Grade Theology

4th grade Theology

5th Grade Theology


Middle school students in grades 6 through 8 have a prescribed curriculum.  The course of study for middle school include courses in Theology, Social Studies, Math, Science, English, Spanish, Physical Education and Band or Art.

Course Descriptions

6th-7th Religion-all units-UbD

8th Grade Theology-UbD

English Language Arts

Middle School Math

Middle School Science

Middle School Social Studies Courses

Spanish – 6th Grade

Spanish – 7th Grade

Spanish – 8th Grade

Middle School Band, Art, and PE


Graduation Requirements

LMC’s diploma is authorized by the State of Michigan and accredited by the Michigan Non-public Schools Accrediting Association. It signifies that students from LMC have been provided a comprehensive selection of classes, those strongly recommended by the President’s Council of the State Universities of Michigan. LMC students must complete 28 credits for graduation, 1/2 credit given for each class completed satisfactorily each semester.

Lake Michigan Catholic Requirements:

Theology 4 credits

9th Grade Theology
Grade 9: Faith & Revelation: Knowing God Through Sacred Scripture – The Blessed Trinity and Our Christian Vocation

10th Grade Theology
Grade 10: The Mystery of Redemption and Christian Discipleship – Theology of the Body – The Church: Sacrament of Salvation

11th Grade Theology 
Grade 11: The Sacraments: Source of Our Life in Christ – Our Moral Life in Christ – Capstone Project

12th Grade Theology
Grade 12: Introduction to Philosophy – Catholicism and Current Issues – Apologetics

Capstone Project Overview

12th Theology Apologetics Catholic

12th Theology Apologetics Christian

12th Theology Apologetics Natural

12th Theology Philosophy Pre-Socratic Philosophers

12th Theology Philosophy Relativism and Existence of God

12th Theology Philosophy Socrates, Artisotle and Plato

English 4 credits
English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12

High School ELA

Mathematics 4 credits
Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, or Independent Math

High School Math Courses

Social Science 3 credits
World History, US History and Economics/Civics

Social Studies Courses

Science 3 credits
Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

High School Science Required and Elective Courses

Foreign Language 2 credits
Spanish I, Spanish II

Foreign Language Courses

Physical Education/Health 1 credit
Advanced P.E.

Physical Education and Health Courses

Fine Arts 2 credits
Band, Art

Visual Performing and Applied Arts Courses

Additional Electives 7 credits

Yearbook, AP/College English 101 & 102, College Biology 111, College Chemistry 111, Anatomy & Physiology, Psychology, Spanish III, Online Courses, Journalism, Co-op

ELA Electives
28 credits (total)